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The Jewish Folk Chorus has been in existence since 1926. Our vast repertoire of Jewish music includes songs in Yiddish, Hebrew, Ladino and Russian. We also stay true to our roots in the labor movement by preserving and performing works from our library of Yiddish labor songs. Our origins are rooted in the labor movement, and we usually add a labor and/or protest song to the repertoire each season. Through its 97-year existence, the Chorus has sung many interesting and difficult Jewish musical works, without forgetting the simple folk music of our ancestors. We preserve a rich, diverse and deeply satisfying musical heritage.


We average about 6 - 8 concerts each season, at different venues around the Bay Area. Most of our concerts take place in San Francisco. We crown every season with our annual concert, which usually takes place in June. For more information, see our concert page.

Get Involved

We encourage folk music enthusiasts from all walks of life to join our chorus, regardless of musical experience. If you bring with you a talent in addition to singing, or just want to be helpful, let us know and we'll find something for you to do that you will find satisfying, and we'll be grateful for. We hope that you will join us.