in addition to our 92nd Annual Concert on June 10th, we highly recommend these 2 concerts, both in SF:



MOR's annual spring concert at SF Conservatory of Music May 24 7:30 pm

This program premieres new compositions by Ryuichi Sakamoto and Christophe Chagnard. Sakamoto’s new work, Snow Falls, draws on melodies from his film score for “Nagasaki: Memories of My Son.” It sets the iconic poem of the same title by Kiyoko Nagase, both in the original Japanese and in English translation by Japan’s Empress Michiko. Chagnard’s multimedia work Gaman focuses on the experience of people forced into incarceration camps because of their Japanese ancestry during World War II. The title refers to the struggle to endure the unbearable with patience and dignity. Combining traditional Japanese and classical Western instruments, this work brings a powerful story to life through testimonies of the words and images created by three artists and poets during their captivity in the Minidoka camp.

Included in the program is Paul Schoenfield’s Sparks of Glory, four passionate portraits of Holocaust defiance taken from the true accounts of heroes too modest to recognize their own heroism. In addition, soprano Roslyn Barak will interpret Songs from Terezín that the prisoners wrote and sang under the noses of their Nazi captors.

also: MADRE: The Ladino Project Brava Theatre June 2nd | San Francisco 8 pm

MADRE, The Ladino Project's current performance piece, is a tribute to the lives of Sephardi women over the ages. MADRE expresses various stages of women's lives through Ladino folk-songs of North Africa and the Balkans, woven together with traditional and contemporary music and dance. This project explores the women’s oral song tradition as it evolves over time from past to present, shedding light on the experience of womanhood in the old cultures of the Sephardic diaspora to the present day.